July 18, 2023 1 min read

Loogaroo: Type 11 Distribution 

Loogaroo Logistics is here to fulfill all of your distribution needs. We possess a Type 11 distribution license that allows us to:

  • Transport cannabis products (e.g., flower, topicals, edibles) between licensed manufacturing, distribution, and cultivation facilities
  • Store cannabis products for other license holders
  • Arrange for the testing of cannabis products
  • Transport finished (e.g., tested and packaged) cannabis products to retail's 

To assist with our distribution efforts, we use secured vans and a company plane. These vehicles are essential for the product sourcing segment of our distribution business, where we travel across California buying out cultivators' entire inventory. 

How Does It Work?

Using our company plane, we fly all over California, visiting grows to check out their product. If we like what we see and agree on a price, we pay cash upfront and have one of our licensed drivers pick up the product. It's that simple.

What Are We Looking For?

We mainly purchase bulk indoor and are looking to buy anywhere from 30 to 1000 units per visit. In combination with our flower purchasing, we also buy trim and oil at competitive prices.

How Do We Use the Product?

We resell to other distribution facilities, use product to manufacture concentrates, and provide white labeling services (e.g., product sourcing, packaging, and distribution to dispensaries) for established and emerging cannabis brand lines.  

If you are a cannabis operator looking to buy, sell, transport, or store cannabis products at our facility, submit an inquiry to schedule a call with Loogaroo Logistics today!

Robert Brown
Robert Brown